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"Michele is amazing!!!  My daughter is a pre-professional ballet dancer who trains several hours daily. Michele has an extensive ballet background she is able to pinpoint any weaknesses in my daughter's muscle development and assist with exercises developed strengthen and help prevent injury specific to dance.  This of course also works for the non-dancer as well.  The fluid movement exercises of Gyrotonics are so beneficial for the body!  Michelle does a fabulous job of creating a custom exercise routine for any situation" - Beth G.

"Prior to gyrotonics, I did yoga and pilates to strengthen my core and to help with arthritic pain. I was told about gyrotonics and sought out Michele to see if this wonderful form of stretching, strengthening, and fluidity could help with the worsening arthritic pain, tight hip flexors, constant knee pain, and limping I was experiencing. I am amazed at how much stronger my body has become with the gyrotonic techniques. The core strength I now have has stabilized me and I am no longer at risk for imbalances and falls. I limp on occasion but not the consistent daily limping I have dealt with in the past. My hip flexors have stretched and loosened, my walk is steady, and my outlook on life is fabulous. I feel that though I am aging, which is part of life, I am aging in a more stable body and less likely to sustain an injury. I will be forever committed to the gyrotonic techniques to keep me active in my later years. Thank you, Michele, for all of your support, for challenging me, and always being there when I need you!." - Vicki Hartman (nurse practitioner and yoga instructor)

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